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What is the antipodi network and why joining us:

antipodi has created an international network of experts in web design and web marketing that allows us to better answer our clients needs.

We want now to enlarge our already wide network.
Participants can join forces to work together on big projects, achieve special offers and create common marketing campaign.

Associates have access to 2 online discussion forum: one to help each other in our daily design problems, the other to share large project or parts of them: if I have a client's request that I'm not able to complete, or I haven't the time to complete it I offer this project to the community: if someone is able to work on it, He/She sends me a quotation. 

There aren't fees to join us: you have to tell us who you are and what you are able to do. Once you are accepted you'll need to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) to protect your and others privacy rights.
Every different project can have a different approach, that may imply one to one agreements between the participants.

Click here to join us: your profile will be reviewed by others associates and, once accepted, you'll receive your ID and password to access the reserved area we are implementing.

Contact us for every question you have: every comment or suggestion is welcome!

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